This site shows some tips for hosting PARSSM.

Roles of host society

The following items are the list to be done towards PARSSM.

  1. Contact all members in PARSU via email in spring, and update of their contact information. If any, send the information to RSJ (, and RSJ will update PARSU WEB page.
    For the list of members, you should check the minutes for PARSSM in last year.
  2. Fix the meeting schedule (contact to IROS conference organizer)
    (ask each if they organize other special events to avoid any overlapping.
    e.g. RSJ usually organizes RSJ Lunch and Tutorial.)
  3. Book a room and ask IROS organizer to prepare lunch for the meeting.
  4. Create agenda of the meeting
  5. Announce the meeting information to the members and respond to the questions and comments from the members regarding the meeting.
  6. Operation of the meeting on the day
  7. Make the minutes, and correct materials of each presentation. Then send them to RSJ, and RSJ will update PARSU web page.

Annotation: Proposal for hosting PARSSM

Basic rules from 2016 are:

  • When IROS is held in the PARSU member country, the local society hosts the PARSU summit meeting at IROS site.
  • An Offer of hosting summit meeting is welcome, and if there is no specific offer, then KROS and RSJ host the summit meeting in turn, basically.
  • Hosting includes arranging the meeting place and lunch, announcement of the meeting, and their budget.
  • The host society is decided in the PARSU summit meeting two years in advance.

History of host

  • 9th ARSSM / IROS2014 (Chicago, USA): KROS
  • 10th ARSSM / IROS2015 (Hamburg, Germany): RSJ
  • 11th ARSSM / IROS2016 (Daejeong, Korea): KROS
  • 12th ARSSM / IROS2017 (Vancouver, Canada): ARAA
  • 13th ARSSM / IROS2018 (Madrid, Spain): RST
  • 14th PARSSM / IROS2019 (Macau, China): CAA (pending)
  • 15th PARSSM / IROS2020 (Las Vegas, USA): open (candidate: RSJ)
  • 16th PARSSM / IROS2021 (Prague, Czech Republic): open (candidate: KROS)

Template data of agenda and minutes

Following data are agenda and minutes of 10th ARSSM in 2015. Please use these data as template for your documentation.

Template of PARSSM agenda
Template of PARSSM minutes